Blockchain’s Role in Driving Veloce’s Sustainable Motorsport Initiative

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Imagine a year where the fast-paced world of race cars wouldn’t cost us our environment. Where sustainability is not just a passive word in the motorsport manifest but an active pursuit. Veloce, a motor racing start-up, is pushing boundaries by showing us that such a future is not far.

The Journey of Veloce: Incorporating Sustainability into Motorsport

Veloce, a start-up founded in 2020, embarked on an ambitious journey. This brainchild of former Formula 1 driver, Jacques Villeneuve, seeks to develop clean technologies aimed at reducing the ecological impact of motorsport. Their efforts push the boundaries further than most, introducing electric prototypes to the world of motorsports. Electrifying, isn’t it?      
This unique venture seeks to replace traditional and environmentally taxing internal combustion engines. Instead, a new series of races using electric vehicles forms a major part of Veloce’s portfolio. And this is only the beginning.

Investment for Innovation: GEM Digital Backs Veloce’s Vision


An exciting milestone in Veloce’s journey is a massive $50 million investment from GEM Digital Ventures. This isn’t merely a monetary boost. It signifies a trust in Veloce’s vision of shaping motorsport into a sustainable industry.
This substantial amount is earmarked to globalize the company’s operations and pioneer new technologies. The intent is to make Veloce a frontrunner in an eco-friendly racing world.    
This cash injection naturally propels Veloce towards developing new partnerships with motorsport teams worldwide. It also presents the opportunity to foster collaborations with various race venues.
More than just expanding their operations, the funding also fuels the development of their cutting-edge technologies. It aims to accelerate the production of new electric prototypes, with an eye towards a greener future.

The Blockchain Connection: Web3 and Veloce

The investment from GEM Digital is not a standalone funding. It’s inherently intertwined with Veloce’s new weapon – the VEXT Web3 platform. Blockchain technology takes center stage with its impressive array of applications.
Web3’s decentralized, user-centered ethos aligns perfectly with Veloce’s ambition. It offers a framework where all participants can have a say, mirroring the ethos of environmentally conscious motorsport. This decentralized nature of blockchain technology on the Web3 platform adds an innovative aspect to Veloce’s mission, enhancing the user experience and ensuring its vision is on the forefront.

Accelerating into the Future: Veloce’s Sustainable Journey Ahead

Veloce’s CEO, Jacques Villeneuve, expressed his gratitude and optimism with this landmark investment. Highlighting the importance of this partnership for the future of Veloce, he confirms the investment will help sail the company towards their ultimate goal – making motorsport more sustainable.
Further elaborating on the plan, he emphasized that the funding would enable them to produce more electric vehicle prototypes, fast tracking the odyssey towards sustainability.        



Veloce’s landmark step brings two significantly different worlds together – motorsport and sustainability. It fosters an environment where high-end technology, sustainability, and user engagement amalgamate and prove that sports, like racing, can be both intense and environment friendly. The road ahead might not be an easy one, but with substantial investments, innovative partnerships, and groundbreaking technology, it certainly runs the potential to be an exciting and pioneering journey.

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