Zeebu Creates Groundbreaking On-Chain Invoice Settlement Platform with $25 Million Presale for Telecom

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Blockchain Transforming Telecom Carriers’ Systems

In a remarkable stride towards technological advancement, Zeebu, the avant-garde blockchain-based settlement platform, has successfully secured an amazing $25 million in presale. This round observed contributions from key investors, one notable name being Bankai Ventures. This massive investment bears testament to the start-up’s innovation in the field of telecom industry (#zeebu).

These funds will trigger the creation of the world’s first on-chain invoice settlement platform designed for Telecom carriers. The investor community’s robust interest in Zeebu’s novel on-chain invoice settlement system and loyalty token is evident from the strong investor turnout.

Detailed Story: Refining Telecom Processes with Blockchain

Blockchain technology promises to bring about a model shift in multiple industries, telecom being one of them. What sets Zeebu apart from other tech firms in the telecommunications realm is its originality and vision. The company utilizes the transformative power of blockchain technology to amplify the efficiency of routine telecom operations. 

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Zeebu Creates Blockchain Platform with $25 Million for Telecom

World’s first B2B loyalty token for telecom carriers

Zeebu’s loyalty token revolutionizes the telecom sector by offering unique benefits to both merchants and consumers. Unlike traditional, expensive banking solutions, Zeebu ensures faster transactions and better profit margins. Our goal? To deliver a seamless user experience through a specialized blockchain transaction platform.

ZBU is built on the foundation of Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and is also compatible with the Binance Smart Chain. This ensures seamless operations across both blockchain platforms. Our primary goal with ZBU is to offer a fast, affordable, and transparent way to process transactions. Moreover, within the ZEEBU ecosystem, we reward our partners with special loyalty incentives.


Further Discussions: Game changer for Telecom carriers and Loyalty program

The announcement of Zeebu’s successful funding of 25m$ round was echoed across multiple platforms, which has definitely ignited curiosity and excitement in various business and finance realms. Zeebu’s loyalty token not only incentivizes but also rewards carriers, granting them the capability to optimize transactions and bolster their efficiency. The platform is geared towards enlisting more than 100 telecom carriers, ensuring efficient cross-border settlements.

Moreover Zeebu has already forged significant alliances with telecom giants including Hayo Telecom Inc., Axistel FZE, Qatama Ltd, BBT Voice Limited, Broadband Telecom Inc., BridgeVoice Inc., and Novatel d.o.o.. Check previous post on the subject here :

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