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ATFX Announces the launch of NFT! #AFTX

AtFX, a leading international broker, has announced the launch of its new Non-fungible Token (NFT) offering. The new offering, which is available to users of the AtFX platform, allows them to access and trade a range of digital assets like artwork, music, and gaming assets.

The NFT offering is powered by the AtFX Token, a secure, Ethereum-based token. The AtFX platform also features a dedicated NFT marketplace and a range of tools and features designed to help users manage and trade NFTs.

AtFX is the latest in a growing list of brokers and exchanges that are launching NFT offerings. NFTs have become increasingly popular in recent months as a way to own and trade digital assets. They have been used by creators to monetize their work, as well as by investors to gain exposure to the digital asset space.

AtFX’s NFT offering is the latest step in the company’s mission to offer a comprehensive suite of services for digital asset trading. AtFX aims to make it easy for users to access and trade a range of digital assets, including NFTs.

SCB 10X Partners with Bloomberg for Fourth REDeFiNE Tomorrow Virtual Summit

SCB 10X, a venture capital fund managed by the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) of Thailand, has announced a partnership with Bloomberg, the global financial data and media company. The partnership will focus on the development of new fintech solutions to improve the efficiency of digital financial services. Through the partnership, SCB 10X will gain access to Bloomberg’s research, technology, and industry expertise. The two companies will also collaborate on developing innovative financial technology and data solutions for the Thai market. The partnership is part of SCB 10X’s broader mission to drive digital transformation in Thailand and the greater Southeast Asian region.

zkLink Announces First “Dunkirk Test” to Establish New DeFi Safety Standard

ZKLINK, a DeFi platform, announced its first “Dunkirk Test” to help establish a new standard of safety in the decentralized finance space. The test is designed to measure the safety of a DeFi smart contract and will be open to all public chains and DeFi platforms. The test will evaluate the platform’s smart contract safety and security practices, including code reviews, security audits, and vulnerability testing. ZKLINK believes that this test will help increase transparency and trust in DeFi protocols and help reduce the risk associated with investing in DeFi products. The Dunkirk Test will be conducted by ZKLINK’s own team of experts, as well as third-party security auditors and review teams. The test results will be made public and will provide valuable insight into the safety and security of DeFi protocols. This is a major step forward for the DeFi space and will help ensure that projects are held to the highest standards of security and accountability.

Prada Celebrates Timecapsule NFT One-Year Anniversary with Exclusive Access to Prada Mode Tokyo

Prada has celebrated the one-year anniversary of its TimeCapsule NFT with an exclusive access to Prada Mode Tokyo. The limited-edition NFT was created to commemorate the brand’s journey through the digital world and was released in January 2020. The NFT marked the first time a luxury house had ever released an NFT. To celebrate the milestone, Prada has provided exclusive access to Prada Mode Tokyo, a virtual fashion show experience. The event was originally planned to take place in Tokyo on June 24th, however due to current circumstances, it has been moved to an online platform. Attendees will be able to explore the showroom, shop products, and watch exclusive runway shows. The event will also feature exclusive content such as interviews, music performances, and art installations.

Bitdeer and Druk Holding & Investments to Jointly Develop Green Digital Asset Mining Operations in the Kingdom of Bhutan

BitDeer, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency cloud mining platform, has announced a strategic partnership with DRUK Holding & Investments (DHIL). The agreement will enable BitDeer to expand its mining operations in Bhutan and offer mining services to the country’s citizens.

BitDeer will provide DHIL with access to its mining resources, allowing them to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This agreement will open up the Bhutanese market to cryptocurrency mining, and give DHIL the opportunity to explore the possibilities of the technology.

The partnership will also create job opportunities in Bhutan, as DHIL will be looking to hire local miners to help manage the mining operations. BitDeer will provide both technical and operational support to ensure that the miners are adequately trained and equipped to operate the mining hardware.

In addition to this partnership, BitDeer is also launching a global mining pool in Bhutan. This pool will allow miners from around the world to participate in the mining process and earn rewards. DHIL will be able to use the pool to increase its mining profits, and will also have access to BitDeer’s other services, including its mining pool monitoring system and cloud mining services.

SK Telecom : SKT’s Metaverse Platform ‘ifland’ Users Can Now Create their Own Space with ‘if home’

SK Telecom (SKT) recently announced the launch of its new virtual platform, ‘ifland’, which allows users to create their own virtual space. The platform is powered by the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology and will provide users with a 3D virtual world where they can communicate, shop, and play games.

The platform uses AI-based facial recognition technology, which allows users to customize their avatar and interact with others in the virtual space. It also allows users to create their own virtual stores, where they can sell virtual goods, such as clothes, furniture and other virtual items.

The AI technology is also used to generate realistic 3D graphics, which make the virtual world look more realistic. The platform also allows users to create their own communities, where they can share their experiences, photos and videos.

The launch of ‘ifland’ is part of SK Telecom’s strategy to become a leading provider of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) services. The company has already launched several AR and VR products, including the AR-based game ‘Ranger’ and the VR-based game ‘Titan’.

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