Tech News: Galactic City Space Station, Meta’s AI-driven Metaverse, Crypto Miners and AI Processors, and Starburst’s Juicyverse Experience.

#Crypto Billionaire Wants to Launch First Commercial Space Station With SpaceX :

Crypto billionaire and SpaceX investor @TimDraper has announced ambitious plans to build a massive private space station, which he’s calling Galactic City. His plans, detailed in a tweet on Monday, detail an orbital station that would be powered by blockchain technology and feature multiple levels with space for up to 100 people. The station would be constructed through SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft and would be designed to be an “independent city-state” governed by its own set of laws. Draper hopes it will be a platform for anyone to create their own city in space, while still staying rooted on Earth. SpaceX has already made some major strides towards its goal of establishing a human presence in space with the first successful launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket. This year, the company is expected to launch its first manned mission. With Draper’s announcement of his Galactic City concept, the future of space exploration appears to be as promising as ever. @SpaceX #DigitalTransformation #GalacticCity #Space

‘Painted into a corner’: can generative AI save Meta from the metaverse?

Mark Zuckerberg has just unveiled big plans to create a “Metaverse” – a shared virtual world powered by Facebook’s AI-driven Meta technology and designed to be open to everyone for exploring, building, and interacting. This would be linked to existing virtual worlds like the Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens, as well as the physical world if users wanted to access services like Uber or Airbnb. Zuckerberg’s idea is to make the Metaverse an open platform too and allow developers to create their own virtual worlds, custom avatars, and environments. This is why crypto miners are claiming to be the solution to the complex calculations that AI tasks require – leveraging the processing power of their cryptocurrency-mining hardware to create the computing capabilities needed. These miners are investing in software development and creating new applications and tools as well, to make the process easier for AI tasks and make their hardware more efficient. With the rising importance of AI, miners are in a prime position to capitalize on the growing market and could be ushering in a new era of innovation and profitability.#Metaverse #CryptoMining

AI Needs Specialized Processors. Crypto Miners Say They Have Them :

AI is well on its way to becoming a major part of our lives. As it becomes increasingly important, the need for specialized processors to handle the complex calculations involved in AI tasks is becoming more pressing. That’s why crypto miners are now claiming they have the solution to this problem. Crypto miners are using their specialized processors to create the computing power necessary to solve AI problems. This is done by leveraging the processing power of the cryptocurrency-mining hardware they have developed over the years. This hardware is capable of performing complex calculations with extreme speed and accuracy. The miners are now turning their attention to AI applications. They are developing new hardware specifically designed to handle the intensive calculations involved in AI tasks. This hardware makes use of artificial intelligence algorithms that require vast amounts of computing power. The miners are also investing in software development to create new applications and tools for AI tasks. This is done to increase the efficiency of their hardware and make it easier for developers to create applications for AI tasks.

Starburst opens Juicyverse experience in metaverse mall :

@Starburst, a leading virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) platform, has opened a new “Juicyverse” experience in the Metaverse Mall. The Juicyverse is a virtual world where players can explore, create, and play in a vibrant, immersive environment. The Juicyverse features a variety of activities for users to explore, including shooting galleries, racing, and other mini-games. The space also features a range of virtual items for players to collect, customize, and trade. Through the Metaverse Mall, players can access the Juicyverse from anywhere in the world and join in on the fun. The Juicyverse experience is part of Starburst’s mission to create immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences that bring people together. Starburst is also creating a range of other experiences and content in the Metaverse Mall, such as fashion shows, music concerts, and other special events. Starburst’s Juicyverse experience is the latest example of how virtual and augmented reality technology can be used to create unique and engaging experiences. As the technology continues to evolve, more immersive and interactive experiences are likely to be developed in the Metaverse Mall and other virtual worlds.

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