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#CustomerTrust: The Forgotten Heart Of The CX

Customer trust is an essential foundation for successful and long-lasting relationships between customers and brands. In an age when technology plays a major role in most customer experiences, it’s easy to overlook the importance of trust in creating an engaging and positive customer experience.

Adarsh Nair, Forbes Councils Member recently pointed this out in their article Customer Trust: The Forgotten Heart Of The Customer Experience. In it, they rightly argue that when customers trust a company, they are much more likely to become loyal and recommend it to others. Key elements in building customer trust include an easy-to-follow user experience, quick response to inquiries, clear and consistent privacy policies, and most importantly, strong customer service that is tailored to the individual. To create a trustworthy relationship, brands should also strive to create moments of joy and surprise. Technology should be used in such a way that it soothes customer pain points and enhances customer experiences, not the contrary. As the world-famous Chief Executive Officer, Airtel Digital and Chief Product Officer, Airtel, Gopal Vittal, said: “It’s time we looked deeply at our consumer trust levels, which is fundamental to our success in the market”.


Nowadays, leveraging social media and online reviews is essential to building and maintaining customer trust. Consumers will feel more comfortable with a brand when they can see how other customers rate it. Positive reviews support loyalty, increase customer engagement, and ultimately, foster trust.

Digital platforms can also play a major role in delivering trust-building experiences. Sports Illustrated (SI) recently teamed up with Ethereum-based software company ConsenSys to launch SI Vibrance, an NFT ticketing platform. SI Vibrance is designed to strengthen the trust between customers and the magazine by making the ticketing process more secure and transparent. Customers can also purchase digital items such as trading cards and collectables and foster customer engagement.

One of the key elements of customer experience is trust and due to technology and digital platforms, brands have the opportunity to foster an even more meaningful relationship with customers. However, it is essential that brands don’t forget the importance of building and maintaining trust with customers so that they can grow their business and increase customer loyalty.

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