What casual gamers think about the Metaverse ? a Facebook study

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As the interest in the metaverse continues to grow, there is a need to understand the consumer perspectives about it. A survey conducted by Facebook Gaming and Newzoo revealed that casual gamers are an essential part of the metaverse. The survey which included over 3,000 gamers from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, showed that casual gamers have a positive view of the metaverse. Furthermore, casual gamers are more likely to be early adopters and be open to experimenting with different types of experiences.

Still behind in Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, two-thirds of the surveyed casual gamers said that they would be more enthusiastic about the metaverse if it were more accessible for them. This indicates that for the metaverse to become a success, it needs to be available to everyone. Additionally, the survey discovered that casual gamers are more likely to want to explore and share their experiences in the metaverse which will create a larger and more diverse user base.

Over 60 % open for new experiences of gaming

The survey also found that casual gamers are more open to trying out new things. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of casual gamers said they would be open to experimenting with different types of games and experiences in the metaverse. This indicates that casual gamers are likely to be a key part of the evolution of this new way of gaming.

The growth of the metaverse depends on casual gamers

It’s clear that the growth of the metaverse is dependent on casual gamers. Although it may be a long-term project, the results of the survey suggest that this type of gaming experience will have a large and diverse user base.


The key findings

According to Gray, the survey encompassed six markets and targeted respondents who engage in gaming for at least one hour per week on any gaming platform. The outcome yielded four distinct segments: casual gamers, two midcore groups (one leaning towards casual gaming and the other more serious), and truly hardcore players. The survey delved deep into the sentiments of players, and Gray emphasized four main findings:

  • Approximately half of all gamers are familiar with the concept of the metaverse, but this awareness is primarily driven by hardcore gamers. Among these respondents, around 50% express enthusiasm towards the metaverse, although this sentiment varies across different types of gamers.
  • Gamers are already actively involved in the metaverse and related technologies, with roughly a third of them utilizing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and nearly half engaging in cross-platform play.
  • Towards the more hardcore gaming side of the spectrum, players are particularly excited about playing games within the metaverse. In contrast, casual gamers exhibit greater interest in non-gaming metaverse experiences such as virtual travel.
  • Gamers are also familiar with cryptocurrencies and NFT

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Facebook Gaming survey finds that casual gamers are crucial to the evolution of the metaverse

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