Astar Network and Polygon Labs Join Forces: A New Chapter in Ethereum Layer 2 Solutions

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Asia’s Web3 Stage Shines Brighter with Astar and Polygon 

At the distinguished “Token2049” – Asia’s prime Web3 conference – held on September 13, 2023, a groundbreaking announcement reverberated through the blockchain community.

Stake Technologies Pte Ltd (@StakeTech), the torchbearer behind the Astar Network’s development, announced their newest blockchain innovation:

“Astar zkEVM Powered by Polygon”.

Astar Network and Polygon Labs Join Forces.

The Emergence of Astar zkEVM 

With an origin rooted in Japan, the Astar Network has made waves in the Web3 sector since its inception in 2022.

Their aim to amplify Web3’s societal integration and enhance developers’ experiences got a significant boost with their collaboration with the global powerhouse, Polygon Labs (@0xPolygonLabs). Thus, the birth of “Astar zkEVM”.


Delving into the Tech: What Astar zkEVM 

Promises Functioning as an extension of Ethereum, which boasts the largest user base in the blockchain universe, Astar zkEVM incorporates Layer 2 technology. It upholds EVM equivalence – mirroring the EVM environment perfectly. The magic ingredient? Zero-knowledge proof technology (zk proof). This ensures transactions on the network are executed with superior processing power, optimal scalability, and unmatched security. Furthermore, it’s designed to be compatible with a broad array of global Web3 tools, focusing on easing mass adoption through features like gasless transactions and account abstraction.

The Japanese Market: A Hotbed for Web3 Evolution 

The global Web3 market has set its eyes on Japan, not just for its innovative tech landscape but also its rich reservoir of games, comics, and IP content that have gained a cult following worldwide.

This collaboration aims to bolster these creative ventures, ensuring they transcend borders sustainably while nurturing a thriving user and fan community.

Astar Network and Polygon Labs are pooling their collective expertise, derived from myriad collaborations within Japan’s entertainment sector, to pioneer advanced Web3 business models. Their shared vision? Cementing Astar zkEVM’s reputation as Japan’s most trusted blockchain.


Voices of the Visionaries 

Polygon’s Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal (@sandeepnailwal), expressed his optimism, remarking, “Asia is one of the most advanced regions in the world for Web3. We’re thrilled to boost the Japanese blockchain scene through our collaboration with Astar, anticipating a host of benefits springing from enhanced decentralization.”

Echoing this enthusiasm, Astar Network’s Founder, Sota Watanabe, emphasized the collaborative essence, stating :

“This joint venture between Astar Network and Polygon Labs aspires to be a catalyst for both the Web3 industry and the Japanese economy. Drawing from our rich project portfolio, we’ll support Japanese firms in their Web3 journey through Astar zkEVM, expediting blockchain technology’s societal implementation.”

A Brief Glimpse into Astar Network’s Legacy 

Touted as a blockchain endeavor with the vision of advancing and popularizing the decentralized internet concept “Web3”, Astar Network is recognized both in Japan and globally. It has caught the eye of global industry giants like Binance (@binance) and Coinbase (@coinbase), earning accolades for its pioneering technology and unique ecosystem.

Their latest endeavor in collaboration with Polygon Labs focuses on supercharging Ethereum – the world’s largest blockchain, ensuring enhanced speed and privacy.

Astar Network envisions that the inclusion of Astar zkEVM will propel the democratization of Web3, underpinned by high user experience and scalability.

Their ambition? To foster robust partnerships with enterprises and local governments both in Japan and globally, pave the way for pioneering use cases, and amplify the international reach of Japanese digital content like games and anime.

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