Zilliqa Protocol: A Glimpse into the Future of Blockchain Development

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Zilliqa has been making waves in the blockchain space with its innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. This blog post will delve into the latest developments and news surrounding the Zilliqa protocol, providing insights into its advancements in blockchain technology.

Zilliqa and GMEX ZERO13 Partnership:

Zilliqa has announced a groundbreaking partnership with GMEX Group and its initiative ZERO13, aiming to launch a consumer-focused carbon offset platform. This platform is poised to revolutionize how retail customers interact with corporate environmental initiatives, marking a significant step in sustainable blockchain development. Read more

MetaMinds: A New Chapter for Zilliqa:

Zilliqa Group has relaunched its metaverse venture as MetaMinds following a business restructure. Sandra Helou has been appointed as the CEO and GCC lead for Zilliqa Group’s newly formed CEO office, indicating a strategic move to strengthen its presence in the metaverse space. Read more


Strategic Alliance with Google Cloud:

In a multi-year strategic alliance with Google Cloud, Zilliqa has welcomed Google Cloud as a Staked Seed Node (SSN) operator. This collaboration is set to bolster the blockchain’s scalability, resilience, and data availability, empowering Web3 ventures and reinforcing blockchain infrastructure. Read more and in our previous article.

TyronDEX: Sovereign Identity in DeFi:

Tyron has initiated the rollout of its new decentralized exchange, TyronDEX, introducing innovative features and bringing sovereign identity to DeFi, enhancing security and user experience in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Read more

Zilliqa EVM and NFTs2Me:

Zilliqa EVM now supports fungible Scilla tokens, and NFTs2Me has added support for Zilliqa EVM, enabling the creation and launch of NFT collections on the Zilliqa network, showcasing the versatility of Zilliqa’s blockchain technology. Read more


Community Engagement:

Zilliqa values its community and has moved its official channel for community and developer relations from Telegram to the new and improved Zilliqa Discord, fostering a more cohesive and interactive community environment. Read more


Zilliqa continues to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation, with its strategic partnerships, technological advancements, and community-centric approach. The protocol’s developments in areas like DeFi, metaverse, and environmental sustainability are indicative of its commitment to fostering a more inclusive and sustainable blockchain ecosystem.


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