Blockchain and Telecom, A Revolutionary Partnership : World Mobile ($WMT) Partners with AI Leader SEW

The integration of blockchain technology into the telecom industry is poised to bring about transformative changes, offering innovative solutions to longstanding challenges. Here’s a closer look at a recent development in this space.

Blockchain-Based World Mobile Partners with AI Leader SEW

In a groundbreaking move, blockchain-based telecom company World Mobile has entered into a strategic partnership with AI leader SEW. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the global telecom industry by leveraging the strengths of both blockchain and artificial intelligence. Source :

Key Highlights:

  1. Decentralized Wireless Architecture: London-based World Mobile is introducing a decentralized wireless architecture to address the connectivity issues faced by 2.7 billion unconnected individuals worldwide. The company believes that a community-driven approach, combined with democratizing communications, can expedite the resolution of this global challenge.
  2. AirNode Cell Sites: World Mobile’s strategy involves deploying “AirNode” cell sites to provide 4G connectivity in areas with limited or no access. These sites will be powered by solar cells and will utilize microwave wireless backhaul for connectivity.
  3. Compensation for Network Contributors: Individuals or entities that set up an AirNode will receive compensation for their contributions to the network. This model promotes community involvement and ensures that the benefits of the network are shared among its contributors.
  4. Tethered Balloons for Wider Coverage: To provide coverage over larger rural areas, World Mobile plans to deploy tethered balloons stationed at altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 feet. These balloons will offer a cost-effective solution to cover vast areas without the need for multiple ground-based cell sites.
  5. Blockchain Integration: World Mobile’s operations are deeply integrated with blockchain technology. Each eSIM is registered on a blockchain, ensuring transparency and security. Additionally, the company has introduced World Mobile Tokens, which can be earned by individuals who set up an “EarthNode” to support the network’s operations.
  6. Affordable Connectivity Solutions: World Mobile offers competitive rates for its services, starting at $8.50 for 1GB of data valid for 14 days in 40 primarily European countries. The company aims to provide even lower costs when using its network, with prices estimated to be around a dollar per gigabyte.
  7. Expansion and Future Plans: World Mobile has already made significant strides in expanding its network. The company has successfully deployed an AirNode in Stone Town, Zanzibar, and has plans for further deployments in Tanzania and other African countries. Additionally, World Mobile recently announced its first aerostat deployment in a rural village in Mozambique.

World Mobile: Bridging the Connectivity Gap

World Mobile is not just another telecom company; it’s a visionary enterprise aiming to reshape the global connectivity landscape. Here’s what sets them apart:

  1. Global Ambitions: With operations spanning countries like the USA, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Pakistan, and Kenya, World Mobile is on a mission to connect the unconnected. Being a member of the GSM Association further solidifies its position in the telecom arena.
  2. Decentralized Yet Personal: Every user on World Mobile’s network obtains a decentralized digital identity. This not only ensures secure communication but also paves the way for financial inclusivity.
  3. Innovation at Its Core: World Mobile is not bound by traditional connectivity methods. They employ a mix of ground-based nodes called AirNodes and tethered balloons to ensure even the remotest areas get coverage. Solar power ensures that lack of electricity doesn’t hinder connectivity.
  4. Empowering the Masses: World Mobile’s sharing economy model is a game-changer. It allows locals to own and operate parts of the network, ensuring the benefits are evenly distributed. This decentralized approach ensures efficient and affordable mobile network access for all.
  5. Blockchain Integration: Partnering with Input-Output Global (IOG), World Mobile provides its users with digital IDs using Atala PRISM, a self-sovereign identity platform built on the Cardano blockchain.
  6. A Token of Appreciation: The World Mobile Token (WMT) is not just a cryptocurrency. It’s a symbol of participation, a reward for those who contribute to the network, ensuring a truly decentralized and shared telecom economy.


World Mobile and SEW: A Partnership for the Future

In a strategic move that combines significant innovation and capability, blockchain-based Telco World Mobile has teamed up with SEW, a global leader in AI-driven customer and workforce experience platforms. This Global Strategic Partnership aims to further penetrate the telecom market, working with SEW’s extensive customer base of over one billion users to offer groundbreaking mobile solutions.

Key Points of the Partnership:

  1. Integration of Technologies: World Mobile will integrate its eSIM and AirNode technologies into SEW‘s Smart CX platform, which already serves over a billion users across more than 40 countries. This integration represents a natural evolution in the telecom sector, positioning telecoms as both a service and an enabler for a hyper-connected model.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: SEW will reciprocate by incorporating its digital customer experience (CX), workforce experience (WX), and AI/ML/IoT analytics into World Mobile’s network and newly launched mobile app. This will not only enhance the network’s performance, security, and scalability but also provide data-driven insights for customers and AirNode operators.
  3. Shared Vision: Both companies share a vision of global connectivity, economic freedom, and dignity. Charles Barnett, Chief Business Officer at World Mobile, emphasized the shared vision and the potential of the partnership to extend innovative eSIM and AirNode technologies to a broader audience.
  4. Strategic Expansion: Deepak Garg, CEO of SEW, highlighted the strategic move for SEW to expand in the telecom sector, given their extensive integration across energy, water, and utilities. The partnership aims to offer innovative and cost-effective mobile solutions to improve lives and livelihoods.

About SEW:

Smart Energy Water (SEW), with its innovative and industry-leading cloud platforms, delivers the best Digital Customer Experiences (CX) and Workforce Experiences (WX), powered by AI, ML, and IoT Analytics to the global energy, water, and gas providers. Expanding the platform into the telecom sector is a natural progression for SEW to realize its vision to engage, empower, and educate billions of people to save on their utilities services and prepare for the future.

World Mobile Tokenomics: Powering a Decentralized Telecom Network

World Mobile Token (WMT) is not just a digital asset; it’s the lifeblood of the World Mobile ecosystem. Here’s a closer look at its tokenomics:

  1. Purpose of WMT: The World Mobile Token (WMT) is designed to incentivize good actors within the World Mobile ecosystem. It serves as a reward mechanism for those who contribute to the network, ensuring a truly decentralized and shared telecom economy.
  2. Earning WMT: One of the primary ways to earn WMT is by connecting the world. By bringing connectivity to regions that have been left offline by traditional mobile networks, contributors can earn WMT. This aligns with World Mobile’s vision of democratizing telecoms and distributing ownership of the network.
  3. Token Role in the Network: WMT plays a pivotal role in the World Mobile network. It powers the World Mobile network by serving as a reward for all node owners and network operators. This tokenomics model facilitates the rapid growth of the network.
  4. User Rewards: Beyond network contributors, regular users of the World Mobile network are also rewarded for their activities. Whether it’s making calls, sending texts, or using data, users earn WMT tokens. These tokens can then be directly exchanged by users on the World Mobile app.
  5. Tokenomics Paper: For those interested in a deep dive into the mathematical and incentive structures governing WMT, World Mobile has a detailed tokenomics paper available. This document provides comprehensive insights into how the token is designed to function within the ecosystem.
  6. Blockchain Integration: The integration of blockchain technology ensures that the distribution and management of WMT are transparent, secure, and decentralized. This fosters trust among the community and promotes active participation.

Source: World Mobile Token Docs

The telecom industry is on the brink of a major transformation, and companies like World Mobile are leading the charge. By harnessing the power of blockchain and fostering community participation, they are not just providing connectivity; they are building a new world of decentralized telecommunications.

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