Veloce’s Revolutionary Move: Introducing VEXT in Sustainable Motor Racing

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Driving Towards a Sustainable Future with Veloce

Veloce is more than just a new entity in the motor racing field. This promising team is on a mission to fundamentally transform the historically traditional sport into a beacon for sustainability and eco-friendliness. Their latest initiative is particularly exciting – the launch of the VEXT (Veloce eXtreme Technology) series, all set to change the face of sustainable motor racing. 


VEXT: The Future of Motor Racing Tokenized on Blockchain

Veloce’s impactful idea has taken shape with the listing of its VEXT token on the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange. This means audience engagement for motorsport activities – both real and virtual – will now impact the value of a tradeable asset. A revolutionary step indeed! (source: [Veloce Supercharges Sustainable Motor Racing Future With VEXT Bybit Exchange Launch](

VEXT introduces an innovative method for financing and enhancing engagement across a collection of esports and racing entities. Individuals can acquire the token either by participating in competitive events or through direct buying. Those who possess the VEXT token can engage in the decision-making processes of Veloce Group, avail special benefits, and get entry to exclusive events and experiences. VEXT token owners are not just investors; they play a more active role in shaping the future of the Veloce Group.

Veloce has unveiled its VEXT token on the Bybit platform. VELOCE GROUP In collaboration with software firm Polygon Technology, Veloce has developed the VEXT token on a platform compatible with Ethereum, leveraging its ERC-20-based MATIC token.

The World’s First Sustainable Motor Racing Championship

The VEXT series, powered by Bybit Exchange, is marked to become the world’s first sustainable motor racing championship. It comprises a buzzing schedule of ten electrifying races across three continents, featuring four high-performance electric cars. Veloce is also set to wow the audience with an all-electric support race, thus further proving their steadfast commitment to sustainability in motor racing. 

Racing Team Veloce, commonly known as Veloce Esports, is a professional esports organization and racing team based in London, UK. They are particularly known for their involvement in sim racing and esports competitions across various platforms and titles.

Veloce Esports has been involved in multiple racing titles, including the F1 Esports Pro Series, and has collaborated with real-world racing drivers and influencers to promote sim racing and its crossover with traditional motorsport.

In addition to their esports endeavors, Veloce has expanded its footprint in the motorsport world, including involvement in real-world racing series.

The organization has been recognized for its innovative approach to motorsport and esports, bridging the gap between virtual and real-world racing. They’ve also been involved in various initiatives and partnerships to further the growth and recognition of sim racing in the broader esports and sports landscape.

However, the esports and motorsport landscapes are rapidly evolving, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest sources or the official Veloce Esports website for the most recent information and updates about the team.

Industry-Leading Partnerships Drive the VEXT Initiative Forward

Veloce’s dedication to revolutionize the field doesn’t stop at their innovative blockchain application. They’ve also teamed up with industry-leading partners such as Michelin, Bosch, 

and Pirelli. These partnerships aim to pool expertise and resources to drive the successful development and execution of the VEXT series and the championship. This shows Veloce’s firm commitment, once again, to merge technology and sustainable practices in motor racing.

Veloce is not just paving the way for sustainable motor sports – it’s supercharging the future of the sport. Through the integration of blockchain and eco-friendly practices, the future of motor racing promises to be exciting, revolutionary, and, most importantly, sustainable. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking development.

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